Nieuwe verrassingen van Mammut (eng)

Mammut’s world revolves around climbing. For many decades, our developers have worked meticulously on new and improved products to allow climbers to focus entirely on their passion. We have the right equipment for every requirement and every climbing terrain. New hardware, such as the Bionic Alpine Belay device and the Mammut Wall Rider, which is being launched this summer, is one of the lightest climbing helmets around.

Is there anything better? Warm rock under your fingers, the jingling of quickdraws on your climbing harness and nothing but air below your feet. Climbers know the unique feeling of freedom in moments like these. Moments of weightlessness, in which nothing matters but trust in their own ability, their climbing partner and their equipment. At Mammut, we place great value on this trust. From ropes to helmets, climbing harnesses and belay devices, all our products are carefully tested by our employees and professional athletes before they find their way into stores. Mammut has several surprises for the summer 2016 climbing season – products that offer carefree climbing thanks to improved safety and user-friendliness.

Mammut Bionic Alpine Belay. The Mammut Bionic Alpine Belay is an innovative and extremely sophisticated belay device that works according to the proven tube principle. The V-shaped grooves and the rear rope-bearing surface are made from abrasion-resistant steel, which prevents wear from rope friction and the resulting critical sharp edges. The steel reinforcements also stop the device from overheating when rappelling. The Mammut Bionic Alpine Belay has a lightweight aluminum housing and weighs a total of just 80 grams. It takes twin, half and single ropes with a diameter from 7.5 to 10.5 mm and is therefore suitable for multi-pitch routes and use in rock, ice and indoor climbing. As well as securing a lead climber, it also allows one or two second climbers to be belayed independently in an autolocking mode from the belay station.

Mammut Wall Rider. The Mammut Wall Rider combines the best of two material worlds and is one of the lightest climbing helmets on the market. The low weight is achieved using an EPP (expanded polypropylene) shell. This synthetic material offers significantly better cushioning properties in comparison with the traditional EPS (expanded polystyrene). This means that after strain such as an impact, EPP recovers very quickly and returns to its original shape. The helmet shell is also reinforced with a robust hard shell so as to guarantee maximum safety. To help climbers keep a cool head even at a crux section, the Mammut Wall Rider is equipped with numerous generous ventilation openings. The individual adjustment system ensures that the helmet sits perfectly on the head. Two clips and a rubber loop can be used to secure a headlamp.