Inspectie Stubai Tour Lite Telescope Pickel (eng)

STUBAI issued a recall for the following articles:

Art. 900799 Tour Lite Telescope

Product manufactured between June and July 2015.

In some axes the connection between shaft and head may not be properly manufactured, potentially resulting in the head becoming detached.

No accidents have been reported; however, in the interest of customer safety, STUBAI has decided to issue a recall, subject to user inspection.

If you own axes that fall within the scope of this recall:

  • Stop use immediately,
  • Contact STUBAI (see contact information below).

1. We can inspect your axes for you.

2. You may also inspect them yourself by following the procedures below. If they fail inspection, contact STUBAI and we will replace your axe free of charge.

1/ Batch number inspection

If the batch number equals 865 for the head and 870 for the shaft or if you can’t read or find the batch number –> follow inspection procedure

2/ Axe inspection

Visually inspect if the shaft and the head are riveted. Ensure that the rivet is not missing.

Try to separate the shaft and the head.

If there is no rivet in place DO NOT USE (return to STUBAI)

If there is a rivet which connects shaft and head & OK (do not return to STUBAI)

Return procedure:

  1. Immediately stop using your axe
  2. Contact STUBAI (see contact information below)
  3. Return axe to STUBAI
  4. STUBAI will replace your axe free of charge.


Dr. Kofler Str. 1
A-6166 Fulpmes

Tel.: +43 5225 6960-65
Mail: recall
Subject: Recall Art. 900799

or for the U.S.:

Liberty Mountain (STUBAI U.S. entity)

9816 South Jordan Gateway (500 W)
Sandy, UT 84070

Toll Free: 800.366.2666
Long Distance: 801.307.9200

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