CAMP: lichtheid, compactheid en functionaliteit tot je beschikking (eng)

The Essential Line is a group of products that are so light and so compact that you eventually run out of excuses not to carry these necessary pieces of gear with you in the backcountry. The C.A.M.P. Research & Development team was tasked with trimming all discretionary features to distill these products down to the very best in four key areas: lightweight, packability, performance and functionality. Some examples? Our Minima 3SL tent, offering protection for three people, weighing only 2 kg. And then the ED 300 Evo sleeping bag: its mere 600 gr. make it the ideal choice for hiking and mountaineering. Last but not least, our ED Duo Jacket, weighing just over one pound, easily packable in its stow-away case.

CAMP Minima 3 SL. The Minima 3 SL has enough space for three people. Double wall tents are the best for regulating variable conditions on long through hikes. The main structure is full netting to provide good ventilation. Add the fly and it becomes toasty enough even for light winter camping. Weight 2.1 kg. Packed size 37×17 cm

CAMP ED 300 Evo. The ED 300 Evo combines our best fabrics with our highest quality down insulation and top quality construction for the very best combination of warmth, weight, and packability. Araneum fabric interacts with premium grade white goose down for warm, dry insulation, superb packability, and light weight. The tight-fitting cut further reduces the packed size and provides fantastic heat retention. For the lightest, fastest adventures, the ED 300 Evo is only way to go. Comfort temperature 7°C, limit 3°C, extreme -12°C. Weight 0.6 kg

CAMP ED Duo Jacket. A reversible jacket that allows you to have 2 products in 1 with different technical features. The Hitex Evo exterior features a technical design with minimal seams to make it highly weather resistant. The Araneum exterior features striking channeled construction for a compelling aesthetic. Versatility is increased even further with the innovative PrimaLoft® Silver Down Blend that combines the advantages of down and synthetic insulations by maintaining a high fill power even in wet conditions. The ED Duo is a great choice for dealing with dynamic conditions… and the day-to-day. Weight 415 g (M size).

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