CAMP legt de lat hoger met innovatieve producten (eng)

In sport climbing, details do make a difference. For this reason, it is vital to have the most suitable instruments at our disposal; they have to be functional and light so as to perform well and give some focus to our projects. If a climber aims at sending a 7a, 8a or even a 9b route such as “Lapsus” by Stefano Ghisolfi,

C.A.M.P.’s goal is to craft products which can ease these challenges. We are talking about the revolutionary Matik belay device, featuring the patented anti-panic system and a low impact force. We also include the Flash harness for sport climbing and competitions.

CAMP Matik

A revolutionary belay-descender device with assisted braking that delivers amazing safety and control. The assisted braking action of the Matik derives from an innovative camming design that makes the device safe and easy. When lowering, the proprietary Anti-Panic system helps prevent one of the most common accidents occurring with the use of an assisted-braking device – losing control of the descent. The brake lever will automatically disengage causing the cam to automatically reengage if it is opened too quickly or if it is kept too far open where the speed of the descent can become unmanageable. Weight: 276 g

CAMP Flash

A new harness concept designed for sport climbing at the highest level. The new hyperlight Flash features innovative load webbing with structural longitudinal threads that allow for a wider cross section for greater support without the added weight of traditional webbing. With the Flash, we have also integrated 3 mm of padding adhered directly to the webbing for increased comfort. The 4 gear loops are designed for optimal performance on challenging sport routes with the front loops ergonomically molded for the fastest access to quick draws, the rear loops are softer and lay flat. Weight: 236 g (M size)