C.A.M.P. komt met ultralichte producten (eng)

Ski mountaineering is part and parcel of C.A.M.P.’s DNA, so much so that in recent years it launched the lightest and most functional products for classic ski touring and for skimo races alike. Our athletes well know what advantages Rapid Racing entails, epitomising state of the art race backpacks. They also know, however, that the Alp Racing harness holds a lightness record, in view of its innovative sling construction. The Speed 2.0 helmet is the icing on the cake: not only is it light, but also exceptionally ventilated, guaranteeing the utmost comfort even during extremely challenging ascents.


The Alp Racing is a new innovative, superlight and comfortable harness designed to take the competitive ski mountaineering world by storm. The combination of lighter weight and greater comfort is accomplished using an innovative webbing with structural transparent longitudinal yarns that allow wider cross sections for greater comfort and support without increasing weight. Features a reinforced single tie-in point and a pre-threaded buckle on the waist. Weight 92 g


The Speed helmet was designed specifically for competitive ski-mountaineering and climbing at the highest levels. The profiled fit combines with the minimal weight for a helmet that climbers and skiers often say they forget they are even wearing. An external polycarbonate shell reduces the amount of exposed structural Styrofoam for improved durability and 22 streamlined vent holes make it exceptionally cool when moving fast in the mountains or climbing in warm conditions. Weight 268 g