Breng nieuw leven in via ferrata’s met CAMP producten (eng)

Via Ferratas are booming, that’s a fact. Every summer in the Alps, all equipped routes are literally stormed by thousands of people. C.A.M.P. always focuses on innovations aimed at improving mountain experiences, and has thought about these hikers, too, crafting the patented Gyro system. The Vortex Gyro Rewind Pro avoids any sling tangling in via ferrata sets, guaranteeing complete freedom of movement, and allowing you to rediscover the pleasure of undertaking the most famous via ferratas. The Jasper CR3 harness makes for exceptional comfort both during movement and hanging from it, while the new Titan helmet offers first-rate comfort, ventilation and sturdiness.

CAMP Vortex Gyro Rewind Pro. The Vortex Gyro Rewind Pro via ferrata lanyard features the Vortex shock absorber, new super-safe Horai carabiners and the patented Gyro system designed to eliminate twisting and tangling. The lanyards use special elasticized 22mm Rewind webbing that contracts to a shortened length to stay out of the way while climbing, but extends effortlessly to full length for passing anchors or straying from fixed lines. Weight: 645 g

CAMP Titan. The Titan blends strength, durability, comfort, and a striking aesthetic unlike any other helmet. It is an authentic workhorse with an ABS injection molded shell that is specially shaped to optimize strength and durability. Assembly is done without the use of fixed components which means it can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance. The spider suspension framework delivers a precise fit and excellent ventilation. Comfort is enhanced even further with soft, breathable padding. Four clips hold a head lamp securely in place. Weight: 435 g

CAMP Jasper CR3. The Jasper CR3 is a lightweight harness. Comfort is assured with innovative thermoformed EVA padding (6 mm on the waist and 4 mm on the legs). The leg loops are adjustable to handle different seasons and different layering systems. After adjusting the size, the excess tail can be completely tucked away on the side of the leg loop to keep it hidden and protected while climbing. Auto-locking steel buckles on the waist and legs are easy to operate and the 4 gear loops are designed for optimal functionality with the front loops ergonomically molded for fast access to gear and the rear loops softer and more compact to maintain a low profile. Weight: 390 g

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